When Animals Dream

The first trailer for the Danish film “When Animals Dream” (Når dyrene drømmer) from director Jonas Alexander Arnby, starring Sonia Suhl, Lars Mikkelsen and Sonja Richter.
The trailer is in Danish language and with English subtitles.

Head Over Heels

It’s not often that a student film gets nominated for an Oscar, but such was the case with Head Over Heels, the graduate film of animator Timothy Reckart that went on to pickup awards and nominations around the world when it was released in two years ago. The film tells the story of a crumbling relationship depicted by the visual metaphor of a couple who are pulled by gravity in opposite directions; one lives on the ceiling and the other on the floor.

HEAD OVER HEELS from Timothy Reckart on Vimeo.

Capturing The Dance

Asphyxia is an experimental film project by Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips that explores human movement through motion capture technology. The team used two inexpensive Xbox One Kinect sensors to capture the movements of dancer Shiho Tanaka and then rendered the data inside a near photo-realistic environment.


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Transforming Tattoos

Creative company FoxP2 has produced a mini documentary, titled ‘Project Phoenix’, showing how creativity can better the world.

Relating the real-life story of a former South African gang member, Roger Mouton, the short depicts how design can help change lives as Mouton gets a fresh start and new beginning through his transformed tattoos.

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Manifestos is a collaboration with Dazed, featuring Technology ‘evangelist’ Ben Southworth, spoken wordsmith George The Poet, legendary musician Neneh Cherry, motorcycle racer Chesca Miles (featured) and set designer Andi Watson, all of whom are based in-between the Dazed offices and AllSaints’ East London studios.

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