The Both of You

It’s been around a while and won a load of awards. Mainly because it had an intrinsic truth at the heart of it – great communication always does. Too few insights are found and used properly, this was one case where they got it right. Well done Dove.

Snickers Transformation

Another series of print executions from the Snickers transformation campaign. The depth and variety show just how strong this approach is for the brand.


Here’s some previous Snicker posts Hungerlapse and Brady Bunch TV.

Here’s some TV that I particularly like in this campaign.

Make Every Yard Count

In a country of a billion, a young cricketer in India never looks at a lack of space as a problem. He looks at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to hit the ground harder, to run faster, to jump higher and stand taller.

Promotional ad by Nike aimed at one of the most passionate audiences of cricket. I particularly like the way it is edited to the music.

London Tube Test

Released as an online tease a couple of years ago by CBS Outdoor, evidently there are 75 different London Underground stations represented in there. Even though it’s been around for a couple of years I still can’t seem to find a definitive list of all the stations anywhere – perhaps you can still win prizes.


The one below is version two. This evidently has 100 underground, overground & DLR stations cryptically represented.


Here’s a detailed map that shows all the stations in the London area.

Click her to play interactively>

Beer Busters

A recent blog by Coley Porter Bell on top beer campaigns, listed WCRS’s Carling Black Label campaign as the top, and the famous award winning ‘Dambusters’ as the pinnacle of its product. The creative team Kes Gray and Jon Greenhalgh are old friends of mine, so well done boys. It’s tough staying in the memory of a high turnover industry.

Things We Don’t Want to Hear

Having been a judge for radio awards this strikes a chord with me. These are two short films made by Jim Elliott, the new global chief creative officer of Arnold Worldwide, and voiceover artist Paul Guyet catalogue all those annoying phrases, effects and tricks that the juries of 2015 Radio Mercury Award are just sick and tired of hearing. Quite a clever way of advertising an awards ceremony in its own right.

Things We Don't Want to Hear in a Radio Ad (Part 1) from Radio Mercury Awards on Vimeo.

Things We Don't Want to Hear in a Radio Ad (Part 2) from Radio Mercury Awards on Vimeo.