Todays Viewing in Old Cases

That’s the era French artist Julien Knez pays homage to in his Timeless VHS series. For fun, Knez mocked up a bunch of posters featuring today’s hit shows and movies—like Breaking Bad, Interstellar, Gravity—as if they were actually the jackets for VHS tapes. Knez created them all on Photoshop by modeling them after after VHS cases from the era. They’re incredibly convincing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 09.51.22

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When Animals Dream

The first trailer for the Danish film “When Animals Dream” (Når dyrene drømmer) from director Jonas Alexander Arnby, starring Sonia Suhl, Lars Mikkelsen and Sonja Richter.
The trailer is in Danish language and with English subtitles.

Too Hard to Keep

The images were from an ongoing project by Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus, wherein he asks people to send him pictures that have such powerful emotional connections they can no longer stand to keep them, hence the project’s name, Too Hard to Keep (THTK).


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